Christmas Tree Decorating And The Gospel

We LOVE decorating the Christmas tree. For us, like many, it marks the beginning of the Christmas season.

Why do we all love it so?

Maybe it’s the memories that it evokes? Those ornaments that your children made take you back to their sticky fingers and snotty noses. That time the cat pulled the tree over 5 minutes after you made it. The way your Gran always hid those chocolates for you to find in the tree when you were small.

Or perhaps it’s the slightly hysterical giggle you get as you just finish decorating the tree and go to plug in the lights and remember (too late) that the lights stopped working last year, just before the neighbours all came round for mulled wine and minced pies. (We may have done exactly that this year… oops! #schoolboy)

Here at Gospel-Centred Parenting we wanted to create something that would help make recounting the gospel an important part of dressing your tree. That’s why we’ve created a number of Christmas tree decorations that feature an image from part of the Christmas story, so that as you hang the ornament you can marvel in the glory of when God became man.

There are 4 options to choose from – each come in either red, green or black and are only £2.50 each (we ship worldwide too – the price will automatically be adjusted to your currency at checkout). Postage is fixed for however many you buy, and read to the bottom to see the option of buying a set of 3 for a reduced price. Here are the different designs:


This wooden ornament features a hand-stamped image of the stable with the manger and the star. As you decorate the tree and hang this ornament, you can together recount and delight in the wonder of the incarnation. The maker of the universe made the wood for the manger in which he was laid on that first Christmas morning – isn’t that extraordinary! Click here to get yours.


This Christmas Tree Decoration features an image of one of the angels who announced the birth of Jesus. As you place this on your tree you can reflect on the fact that choirs of angels thronged the air at the coming of Jesus – it was the turning point of history, and all heaven broke loose to celebrate! Click here to get yours.

Three Wise Men

The three wise men journeyed, following the star, to worship the young Jesus. Just imagine what lengths these men went to to get to Jesus. That’s one of the astounding things about the coming of Jesus: even as an infant people travelled from far away lands in order to worship him – this is no ordinary child! Click here to get yours.

Starry Sky

As you ponder the stars in the sky, you can reflect on how Jesus is the fulfilment of all of the promises of the Old Testament, not least the promise to Abraham. God promised Abraham that his children would number the stars of the sky – that was made possible through Jesus calling the nations to himself. As you hang this ornament why not reflect on that, recount some of the other promises that God fulfilled in Jesus, and bask together in the light of the glory of Jesus. Click to get yours.

Set of Three

Or finally, if you can’t choose which to buy, why not get a set of 3 ornaments at a reduced price of £6.50. Once again you can choose either red, green or black. Click to get yours.

As with our Jesse Tree Ornaments, 10% of profit will go to the work of Bible translation and distribution.

So there we have it. We really love these ornaments and are thrilled to be able to bring them to you for sale, most of all because of the conversations that they may spark as you decorate your tree. We hope you love them too!

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