An open letter to our three year old child…

Little man,

It’s been three years since you made us parents.

Three years since you made the switch from the inside of mummy’s tummy to the outside of it… where they lay you.

You were pretty blue and slimey and you had a loud cry. But then you settled.

Mummy and Daddy were a bit terrified too… but then we settled.

You were ok. Mummy was ok. It was all going to be ok.

And Daddy wanted to cry because he was so relieved.

And once the medical staff had done their stuff, and the visitors had come and gone, it was just the three of us.

It had been quite an exhausting day – the day you journeyed to your life on the outside – and you were breathing heavily and fast asleep; wearing your little hat and swaddled in blankets like a miniature mummy. Your face was perfect. Like a little cherub. And we couldn’t help but kiss your cheeks – soft like a peach.

Mummy was desperate to be fast asleep too – but Daddy was too excited. He said, “Before we go to sleep let’s pray.” And he thanked God for your precious life and for bringing you safely into the world.

That was three years ago.

How was that three years ago?

Sometimes we wish that you would stop growing. But with each stage of your development we get to see more of the awesome person that God has created you to be.

Little man, you have a thirst for life that we’ve never seen before. You are enthusiastic and throw yourself (sometimes literally!) into everything you do.

You love people, like really love people. You come alive when other people are around, and you have an amazing confidence to make new people feel welcome and wanted – often kissing and cuddling guests who come to our home. And you’re thoughtful in a way we didn’t think possible from a three year old – today you exclaimed as Nanny came through the door, “It’s Nanny!!! – Do you want a coffee Nanny?” We didn’t teach you that… that thoughtfulness came from you. We wish we had that same hospitable instinct; we’ve got lots to learn from you little chap.

At the moment you love super heroes, imaginary play and toilet humour. And because we are pretty keen on you son…we’re into them too.

We are infinitely grateful to God for his grace – giving us countless blessings through the pleasure of knowing you and sharing our lives with you. Being your parents has taught us so much about God’s Father-heart towards us his children, and about his willingness to give grace to undeserving people who ask him for his help.

And now Son, we want to pray this for you; entrusting you into the hands of your heavenly Father – who is a much better parent than we are.

Loving Father,

Thank you sooooo much (This is how little chap starts his prayers) for blessing us with our son.

We thank you for all the joy, giggles, snuggles and fun times we have with him. Thank you for his personality – that he’s lively and happy and loves people.

Thank you for how you have been at work in him by answering our prayers. Thank you for how he is growing in his interest and love of you. Thank you for how he is feeling sadness over his sin. Thank you that Jesus’ sacrifice in his place means that he if offered full and free forgiveness – and may he grow more and more in his love and understanding of this gospel truth everyday.

And Father we ask, that our boy will grow up to do more for you than we ever could.

In Jesus Name,


We love you to the moon and back little chap,

With love,

Daddy and Mummy xxx





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