Announcing our beautiful gospel-centred product!

After months of planning, praying, preparing and producing, we are now super excited to be able to reveal to you our very first gospel-centred parenting product.

We are thrilled to introduce you to our Jesse Tree Ornaments and to offer you an exclusive discount as a gospel-centred parenting blog reader. More on that below…

What is Jesse Tree?

Jesse Tree ornaments date back hundreds of years, and are a bit like a Christian advent calendar. The name Jesse Tree comes from a prophesy in Isaiah 11. Each day through December in the run up to Christmas you’ll hang a Jesse Tree Ornament and read a section of the Bible with your child(ren) that points forward to the coming of Jesus.

We think it’s a wonderful tool to help keep excitement about Jesus at the centre of the Christmas period.

As you will know if you’ve read this blog before, we think that gospel is good news for both parents and children, and we want to help you to keep the gospel central to everything. Advent and Christmas should be times of wonderful, joy-filled, gospel-saturated wonder. Very often, however, the gospel gets crowded out with everything else that’s going on. Jesse Tree is just one thing that aims to help keep the gospel at the heart of Christmas, and that’s why we’ve decided to design this product.

If you decide to make a purchase, you’ll receive 24 ornaments which correspond to the first 24 chapters of the Jesus Storybook Bible*, or you can read along with the suggested passages from our Jesse Tree Guide, which comes free with your purchase. So every day, from December 1st, you will be able to fix your family’s eyes on the wonder of the coming of Jesus. You’ll be able to build expectation as you look at some of the wonderful ways that Jesus is anticipated throughout the Old Testamant, and you’ll enjoy the climax of the story as you read about the coming of Jesus, leading you right up to Christmas day.

The usual price is just £30.00, but purchase before September 30th, and use the discount code


and you will receive 10% off the purchase price!
This level of discount is only available to you as a blog reader, and only for this limited time.

We hope you love the design – we certainly do. We are blessed to be working alongside a brilliant designer from our church, Rory Henderson.

Each ornament is hand-printed with ink on rustic hazel wood, and comes pre-strung. We can ship it to you wherever you live in the world.

We’re also thrilled to be able to give 10% of profit to the work of Bible translation and distribution. This means that not only will your family enjoy this gospel-centred product, but you will also be contributing to work that will mean others around the world can gain access to the gospel too.

We have a number of colour options available – click through to our shop to see more images and place your order.

Our prayer is that your family will use these ornaments for many years to come. Through them, we hope that you will create some truly special memories that are recounted and repeated down the generations. And more importantly, our greatest prayer is that you will all grow in love for Jesus as you together see how (as the Jesus Storybook Bible* so memorably puts it) “every story whispers his name.”

Click here to head over to our website now to take a look, and if you do decide to purchase before 30th September, don’t forget to use the discount code 
to receive 10% off.

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