5 Ideas for Cultivating Generous Kids| #4

This is the fourth part in our series “5 Ideas For Cultivating Generous Kids This Christmas”. Click here to get the introduction to this series.

#4 Be a generous member of the local community

Find out what initiatives there are in your local area, pick one and get stuck in with your child. This could be giving money for a young-carers Christmas party, carol singing in a local care home, having an international student spend Christmas day with you, or donating food for the homeless-shelter’s Christmas dinner. Where we live there is a “Giving Tree” in the town centre. Through this you can buy a gift for a child in the town who is living with domestic abuse. We picked children the same age and gender as our children to buy gifts for.

Work for the well-being of the city where I have sent you to and pray to the Lord for this. For if it is well with the city you live in, it will be well with you.”

Jeremiah 29:7


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