Facebook and the Parent

This post isn’t going to help you think through your kids’ usage of social media. No no no, this post is all about you and your usage of social media.

Who hasn’t done it? You sit down (or walk while pushing the pram, or sit on the floor and play with the trains, or feed the baby) while having a quick browse of your Facebook feed. But before you know it – that quick glance sucks you down a rabbit hole of internet surfing. You re-emerge five, fifteen, fourty-five minutes later with a child-related crisis on your hands.


Now we’re not here to condemn the use of social media (we write a blog for fun!) but we’ve felt challenged recently about how our use of social media can 1) prevent us from living in the moment as we parent our children (perhaps a topic for a whole other post) and more positively, 2) be used to equip us to better parent our children in a gospel-centred way. Perhaps we as parents could use the amazing resource of the internet to glean wisdom and encouragement from other believers.

So here’s our suggestion to you – why don’t you “Like” some Facebook pages of people who write about gospel-centred parenting?

When you “Like” someone’s page, their posts automatically come up on your newsfeed. This means that rather than simply having a newsfeed full of your friend’s antics and memes (fun but not necessarily beneficial for you and your family in the long-run), you can also get some edifying and topical posts coming up on your homepage.

Hence, if you do get sucked down the Facebook rabbit-hole, you will at least be reading some stuff which will point you to Jesus and help you think about raising your kids well. This in turn might help you to turn off your phone and get movin’ and groovin’ with the precious blessings (a.k.a children) God has given you.

So here’s our top ten Facebook pages to “Like” (in alphabetical order):

Care For The Family 

Christian Mom Thoughts

Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk Guest Posts

Embracing A Simpler Life

Gospel-Centred Parenting (how could we resist?)

Imperfect Homemaker

Intentional By Grace

Paul David Tripp 

The Purposeful Mom

We are THAT family

We hope you find these helpful.

But don’t stop here – if you have any other Christ-centred parenting Facebook pages you’ve come across that you’d recommend, then why not share them in the comments so that others can enjoy them too?

Happy surfing…

P.S. We are so thankful for all your support and for the comments, shares, likes and personal messages from you – it really encourages us!

Since we’re chatting about Facebook this week, here’s something to consider… if you’ve found our blog helpful to you in your parenting and walk with Jesus then perhaps you could share our page on your Facebook feed, or invite some of your parent-friends to “Like” our page? Sharing is Caring!

Our vision is for Gospel-Centred Parenting to become a community of Christian parents who can share wisdom, pray for each other and do Christian parenting with joy and passion in the light of the good news of Jesus. 

Thanks for sharing this journey with us – we really enjoy travelling along the road of parenting with you all.

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