5 Posts Worth Pondering

It’s been a while since we’ve done a round-up, so here are 5 really great blog posts we think you should read.

30 Things You Can Do This Summer To Deepen Your Kids’ Faith by Natasha Crain

A great read at the beginning of the summer. This post includes lots of ideas for how to engage your kids in fruitful conversations about their faith. We’ve only recently discovered this blogger, but we think she has some really helpful things to say. Her blog is all about raising Christian kids’ in a secular world – apologetics for parents and for kids.


pexels-photo-89695Moms, Jesus Is The Hero Of Your Birth Story by Victoria Wilson 

I (Cathy) am getting closer to giving birth by the day. The baby is due in just 3 weeks time. Reuben’s birth was traumatic. This time I’m hoping for a more peaceful, natural and shorter birthing experience. This blog is a great reminder that whatever our birth stories, Jesus is the hero of them. Here’s an excerpt:

The next time you’re in a playgroup and the story swap begins, know you can tell a better story. You’ll have a wonderful opportunity to testify to your weakness and Christ’s strength. Speak to the groaning of creation and the longing for a Savior. Share the ultimate example of life coming out of death and suffering in the cross. Birth is a ready-made opportunity to talk about Jesus.

Krish KandiahWho Needs a Tough Father by Krish Kandiah

A helpful post addressing the criticism that Dads so often receive in today’s society. It’s hard to be a dad. It’s even harder to be an adoptive or foster dad – but it’s something which is so worthwhile.




pokemongo_article_imageWhy Christians Should Embrace Pokémon Go by Matt Adcock

Like it, loathe it, or know little about it, what we cannot deny is that Pokémon Go is currently sweeping over our culture like a wave. This article gives some reasons why we should embrace Pokémon Go. Wherever you land on this one, it’s probably worth landing there in an informed way, because if your children are of a certain age they’ll almost certainly be engaging with this cultural moment. This article is a good place to start.


apple-iphone-smartphone-deskHow To Raise A Low Media Child by Mindy Wood

Not a Christian resource but very helpful all the same. If you feel your child is having too much screen time (now that you’ve got them obsessed with Pokémon Go!), then this article gives lots of helpful advice on how we can encourage little children to play independently and thus be less dependent on screens. This is a skill we’d certainly like Reu to develop over this next year while we’re preoccupied with little baby Thomson.

Let us know how you find these articles in the comments below. Please point us to any other articles on Christian parenting that you’ve found particularly useful!


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