5 Ideas for Cultivating Generous Kids | #2

This is the second part in our series “5 Ideas For Cultivating Generous Kids This Christmas”. Click here to get the introduction to this series.

#2 Be a generous family member

pexels-photo-190931Children (and adults!) often can be more excited about receiving presents then giving presents. But what a refreshing thing it would be if we could inspire our children to be excited about giving presents to other family members. Perhaps you can sit down with each child and ask them what they think their mummy/daddy/sibling/grandparents/aunty etc would like for Christmas? Through conversation encourage your children to be thoughtful, to consider the interests and passions of that particular family member. Go through each family member that the child will be giving a gift to and write down a shopping list. Then make the time to go out shopping with them, getting excited about how much the recipient will love their present. Stop for hot chocolate and a chat if your child is old enough (and civilised enough!) to enjoy that sort of thing. Then have a fun evening wrapping up the presents together, incorporating Christmas music, Christmas snacks and Christmas jumpers. We want our kids to love the festivities – including the giving of gifts to others. This may take a few different shopping outings (one special shopping trip and evening of wrapping with each child). If you have a crafty child, let them go to town with ribbons, labels and string (who doesn’t love a beautifully wrapped present?)

On Christmas morning encourage your children to watch each other open their gifts (if this is impossible for the bulk of the gifts, then make it mandatory for family gifts to each other). Part of the joy of giving is seeing people’s reactions as they uncover what you’ve got them. Encourage hugs and expressions of gratitude.

…the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Acts 20:35

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