5 Great Blog Posts We Think You Should Read

This week we thought we’d do something a little different, and direct you to five great blog posts that we’ve read recently and thought you might like! We’d love for you to comment with any posts we’ve missed that you think we should read.  

Paul Da

Parenting: The Joyful Impossibility, by Paul David Tripp

We love so much of Paul Tripp’s stuff. This is a great post which wonderfully reminds us of the need for God’s grace in parenting – both for us and for our children.





Worst Case Scenarioworst case scenario, by A Certain Brightness

As you may have read in our “About Us” page, we were heartbroken to suffer two miscarriages last year. We lost count of how many times we read this post during some of the darkest times during that period. It was a battle to not let dread fill our hearts or blanch the colour from our picture of the future. This gospel-centred post encouraged us to look up to him who is faithful, even as our eyes brimmed with tears.



kevin deyoungWhat A Comedian Taught Me About Parenting, by Kevin DeYoung

This light-hearted post reminds us to savour the fun and the  joys of parenting young children.





Frozen: True Lovefrozen, by Sunshine Lenses

At some point on this blog we’ll ponder how to engage with pop culture in our “Gospel In The Everyday” series. But for now check out this post to get some thoughts flowing. One of the joys of parenting is watching Disney films again and again and again.  This post ponders some echoes of the gospel that are found in “Frozen”, the film that provides the soundtrack for many families.


gospel centered momFirst Time Moms: 5 Reasons to Relax, by The Gospel-Centered Mom

Another humourous post to finish – this is a great post if you are a first-time parent (or know someone who is). Don’t worry, what you’re feeling is normal! It’s light-hearted, honest and accurate.




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